Smart Home Alarm System with 3 Sensors & 4 Cameras


A full Security system you can install yourself in minutes. Controlled via feature rich mobile app, this kit secures your home or business using wireless sensors and cameras. Simply plug in, connect to the app and go. Instant alerts, total system control and remote monitoring, all through the simple app, there is no easier solution.

  • Simply download the free app, activate each device, they will automatically connect to the app and thats it, you’re done. Get instant alerts, direct to your smart phone, then stream footage to check any issues.
  • Keep in touch with loved ones or check in on elderly relatives. Simply install a camera in their property, then connect it to your system.
  • Add multiple accounts so other family members can control the system.
  • Receive video notification clips of any alarm triggers, so you can decide how to act, reducing the number of false alarms.
  • CMOS wireless camera with 4 LEDs.
  • 16GB memory for 35 hours video recording or up to .
  • 72┬░ viewing angle.
  • 30m viewing range.
  • 8 video channels.
  • Allows you to view and record.
  • Batteries required: 4 x AA (included).
  • Size H44.5, W48, D24cm.
  • Weight 3600g.
  • EAN: 6957576290097


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